Based on the foundational teachings of the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI), we help our students learn the in’s and out’s of energy management to allow them to further their intuitive development through our classes.

We are members of the Seattle Psychic Association and attend and promote their events.

Our readers offer a variety of sessions to help you connect with your Spirit team to answer life’s questions.


Energetic Tools for Beginners

This class is a prerequisite for all other classes. You will learn the very foundations of energy systems and how to apply them to your body and your life.

This class covers grounding, chakras and auras.

Intuition 101

This class series will help you on your intuitive path. You will learn simple, effective techniques for becoming more aware of your own intuition, energy levels and personal space. This gives you a strong foundation for knowing yourself, which is an essential first step before reading and healing other people.

This class offers several intuitive tools for:

  • Removing energy blocks in your body and clearing pain (yours or others
  • Beginning to clairvoyantly “read” energy
  • Grounding yourself and your environment to feel safe while you open psychically
  • Becoming aware of and separate from energies that may be influencing you
  • Discovering your own spiritual information (Everyone has their own unique truths!)

Intuition 102

Advanced intuitive skills class.

*More information to come soon.

Drop-in Practice Sessions*

These weekly sessions are intended to help you practice the tools you were taught in Energetic Tools 101. These classes are invaluable in building your confidence and skill as you move into higher level classes. The classes are great for anyone just wanting to take their own meditation practice to the next level.


BBP Events

We do not currently have any events scheduled. Please check back here regularly for updates.

Seattle Psychic Association (SPA)

As members of the Seattle Psychic Association, we attend and promote their events here. To find out more, please visit them at


BBP Readers

We currently have 3 types of sessions available.

Single-Question Reading: $25 for 20 minutes

Energy Clearing: $45 for 20 minutes

Full Reading: $85 for 1 hour

Let’s build something great together.