Welcome to our transformative sanctuary. Begin your journey of self-discovery and restoration with us. Learn to revitalize your authentic energetic and physical body. Expand and deepen your spiritual practice with our hands-on guidance, no matter where you are located.

Discover the Power of Personal Intuitive-Based Readings: Unveil profound insights into your unique path. Gain clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself as you navigate life’s twists and turns. Let us be your guides as you reclaim your JOY, LOVE, and LIGHT.

Ignite Your Spiritual Growth with Hands-On Classes: Our immersive classes and seminars will provide the practical, transformative tools and techniques you’ll need to unleash your true abilities and limitless potential. Embrace a life filled with purpose and intention.

Embark on Transcendent Inner Journeys with Guided Meditations: Experience a transformative inner voyage of tranquility and self-discovery through our guided meditations. Allow the serenity of these immersive experiences to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Feel the gentle embrace of JOY, LOVE, and LIGHT. Learn to carry it with you wherever you go.  

Join us on this extraordinary path of self-restoration, rediscovery and transformation.


Stephanie Thompson

Join Stephanie on this remarkable path of self-exploration and transformation. Experience the power of her intuitive guidance as you navigate the depths of your soul, find clarity, and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Step into Stephanie’s world and let the magic of her intuitive gifts illuminate your journey. Begin your transformative adventure today with Blackbird Psychic.

Intuitive Readings

In the midst of life’s uncertainties, our intuitive-based sessions provide a guiding light. Whether you seek clarity on matters of relationships, career choices, life purpose, or personal growth, our readers have the expertise to shed light on your path. Through their intuitive prowess, they help you gain a deeper understanding of your circumstances and empower you to make informed decisions aligned with your highest good.


Welcome to our transformative courses, rooted in the foundational teachings of the renowned Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI). Our courses offer a solid foundation for your intuitive journey. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that combines theory, practical exercises, and experiential learning. 

Our courses provide a nurturing environment that encourages growth and self-discovery, allowing you to embrace your intuitive gifts and unfold your full potential.


Welcome to our vibrant community! As proud members of the esteemed Seattle Psychic Association, we actively participate in and promote their captivating events.

We invite you to check back here regularly for the latest updates on upcoming events. From workshops and seminars to enlightening gatherings, our calendar is filled with opportunities for personal growth, spiritual exploration, and meaningful connections.

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