Anxiety Management for Teens – Coming Soon!

Welcome to Anxiety Management for Teens, an empowering space designed specifically to address the unique challenges teens face with anxiety in a post-Covid world.

This engaging and interactive workshop offers simple yet potent techniques to increase awareness of anxiety, its physical and energetic manifestations, and most importantly, how to implement immediate and lasting changes. We will focus on providing practical tools to reduce and manage anxiety symptoms.

Teens will learn to:

  • Recognize the triggers and warning signs of anxiety to intervene early and prevent escalation
  • Explore various relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing exercises, journaling and “tapping” to promote a sense of calm and ease anxiety
  • Cultivate mindfulness skills to challenge negative thought patterns, replacing worst case scenarios, and endless “what-ifs?” with positive and realistic thinking and to stay present in the moment
  • Learn grounding exercises to regain a sense of stability during anxious episodes
  • Build resilience and coping skills to navigate stressful situations and recover from setbacks
  • Use self-care practices, routines and activities that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being
  • Learn how to utilize peer support groups, networks, and other available resources such as trusted adults and mental health professionals


In this supportive and non-judgmental environment, our workshop encourages open dialogue and the sharing of personal experiences in order to foster connections with others who may be facing similar challenges and provide a sense of community and mutual support.

Join us soon for this empowering workshop and embark on a journey of growth and knowledge.

NOTE: Use of a journal is required for this class and will be provided as part of the cost.


Starts: TBD

Class Length: 3-4 hours (Pacific Time)