Practice Sessions – NOW ON-DEMAND


Elevate your energetic practice with our invigorating Practice Sessions. Set aside time for a transformative session dedicated to refining your skills and deepening your connection to the profound world of energy.

These dynamic sessions are designed to reinforce your knowledge and proficiency in working with energy tools. We kickstart each gathering with foundational breathwork, allowing you to center your mind, relax your body, and create a sacred space for exploration.  From there, we delve into an immersive exploration of various energy tools, unlocking their potential and integrating them into your practice.

Please note that to attend these enriching Practice Sessions, you must have successfully graduated from our Super Beginners class. This ensures that each participant has the foundation needed for a supportive and cohesive learning environment.


Class Duration: 45 minutes

NOTE: Must contact Stephanie directly to schedule at a time convenient you to you both.