Intuition 101 – Coming Soon!

Every person holds their own unique truths and spiritual wisdom, beyond logic or learned responses – that gut feeling, the inner voice we call Intuition.

In this class series you will gain a strong foundation in self-knowledge and your own innate awareness using simple, effective tools. Learn to:

  • Dissolve energy blocks and alleviate pain—whether it’s your own or someone else’s.
  • Establish a grounded state, fostering a safe psychic exploration of yourself and your environment.
  • Identify and detach from external energies that may be influencing your life.
  • Unlock those latent clairvoyant skills to read the energies surrounding all of us. (or“of others.”)

A profound beginning awaits you. Enroll in Intuition 101 and embark on an extraordinary journey toward
self-discovery and empowerment.


NOTE: This is a fast-paced class.  You must know the basics of cords, chakras and auras before joining this class.  Consider the Super Beginner class or the Energy Tools for Intuition class if  you don’t believe you are ready for practical application of these tools.


Class Duration: 8 weeks

Starts: Fall 2023

Time: TBD